Our Workplace Mediation Service can help to resolve disputes at work without resorting to formal or legal procedures. It ensures that all those involved have the opportunity to talk about how the situation ha come about and how they would like to be different in future.

Mediation can reduce tensions and conflict in the workplace between individuals or within teams.

Mediation is introduced at early stages of the complaints procedure and aims to encourage employers and employees to use preventative and non-confrontational methods to resolve their differences.

From small businesses to corporate companies,
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Issues we can help with in the workplace

Workplace mediation can address a range of issues in the workplace. Examples of the types of issues we have mediated include:

  • Issues between management/supervisors and staff
  • Dysfunctional teams not working well together
  • Organisational change and concerns about future changes
  • Low staff morale
  • Re-organisations and amalgamation of teams
  • Allegations of bullying and harassment
  • Personality clashes
  • Following formal discipline procedures


How it works

Initially one of our mediators will meet with each of the employees involved individually. This is a chance for the mediator to listen to each party, for them to explain their view of the situation and how they are affected and for the mediator to explain the mediation process.

The next step is for both or all parties to attend a mediation session. This involves the parties sitting down together with one or more mediators. The mediator will help all parties to explore the issues affecting them and work together to look at options and how they want things to be in future.

Where there is agreement the mediator will record this and write up as a mediation agreement to be given to each party. This is a confidential process and we will always check whether those involved are happy to share information or agreements with any third parties.


How to find out more

If you think that our Workplace Mediation Service may help you or your organisation or business and want to find out more you can contact us and talk in confidence to one of our experienced members of staff.

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