Southwark Mediation Centre is currently looking for local volunteers for the SMC Management Committee who have an interest in mediation and the skills and experience to contribute to the Board. Our existing Trustees are lively, active and come from a wide range of backgrounds. We welcome applications from all sections of the community. Please contact the centre for further information.


The role of the volunteer mediator is to carry out all aspects of mediation work in relation to specific cases referred to SMC and so help SMC provide an excellent mediation service for disputes in Southwark, using the methods taught by SMC. We deal with over 400 cases per year over the 5 main projects using face to face, shuttle and Family Group Conferencing. Currently we are looking for volunteers that can dedicate 6 hours per month during the day on weekdays to our centre.


To contact people in dispute to arrange visits, and to visit them either in their homes or at the Centre. On these visits to listen to the accounts impartially and non-judgementally and to explain the service and the process of mediation with the aim of resolving the disputes through shuttle or face to face mediation.

To set up mediation sessions, and to come to the session half an hour before the disputants, to discuss what approach should be adopted.

With the help of a second mediator, to be responsible for conducting the mediation process while making sure that the disputants are still responsible for making their own decisions and coming to their own agreement.

  • To write down the agreement for SMC records and for the client
  • To evaluate the work with a co-mediator at the end of each session
  • To attend regular supervision and volunteers’ evenings and training
  • To keep all information about the dispute confidential within the Centre